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Association Information and Background

The British Association of Cargo Surveyors was established in 1992, at which time membership was based on having a minimum of seven years experience as a Cargo Surveyor.

In 1996 it was agreed that a written examination should be introduced, which together with a minimum of five years experience would be the basis of membership of the Association.

In 1999 an Associate Membership was introduced in order to encourage new recruits to the profession. To qualify for Associate Membership surveyors must have a minimum of two years experience and take an elementary examination. They should also intend applying for full membership by taking the advanced examination as soon as practicable after gaining a further three years experience. Whilst membership of the Association includes an academic qualification, so far as the Association is concerned, practical experience with a recognised company of Cargo Surveyors is of utmost importance.

This Directory gives the names of individual members of the Association in the UK and those who are currently working abroad.

Details of members, together with their particular qualifications and specialised experience are shown in their regions but an alphabetical list of members is also included, for easy reference.

About the British Association of Cargo Surveyors

Our Aims and Objectives

  1. To provide a central organising body for those engaged in cargo surveying in a practical, consultative or advisory capacity.
  2. To promote the formal recognition of the Association by all of those bodies both commercial and governmental who would be concerned with the professional standards and the regulation of the Association and its members.
  3. To provide for discussion and communication between members and the interchange of useful information which will assist in their profession and to establish a code of ethics.
  4. To protect and promote the interests of its members in the pursuit of their profession and to assist in all matters considered necessary to maintain and elevate their professional status.
About the British Association of Cargo Surveyors